Friday, August 30, 2013

Overwhelmed at Week 2

My husband and I have completed week 2 of our 10 week adoption/foster care class. While the information is abundant I found myself very overwhelmed this week. This week was talking about identifying the needs of the children, which you would think would be easy, but its not. To think about how you would deal with a child who is emotionally attached to you, or who is hurting themselves, or who was neglected by their parents is hard enough as it is. You think well I just need to be there for them and show them we care and that will do it, but it isn't enough. I worry that Chris and I may not have the experience to take care of these children. I'm worried we will miss a need and not help the child. While I know every case is different it scares me. To think of children being raped or beaten or not having clothes is so hard. We are taught to not think down about the bio parents but it seems really hard not to resent them for what they have done to these children. I know it will get better, but the amount of information coming in is filling my head so full that it feels like its going to explode. Not only do you have to take care of these children you have to be a detective and pick apart their behavior, their emotions and everything else to make sure you are doing what you can for them.  I know once we get a child or children here it will all fall into place but its a reality check  for you. Next weeks class is going to be very hard for me personally. Its all about loss. We learn to be loss experts we focus on things the children have lost whether its a family member, house, brothers and sister, etc. This class will also focus on infertility, while I still don't think I'm infertile they still consider our situation as a loss. Reading through the packet I know this will be a tough class for me. We have some really great people leading this class, I just hope that they will guide us and help us on areas that we don't have a lot of experience in such as discipline. I know that mothers who are pregnant probably go through some sort of period like this where the tiniest thought of parenting while exciting is very overwhelming.  I hope that all my mommy friends out there can be a guide for me while we go through this. If anyone has any advice feel free to leave it. All comments are welcome. Have a great weekend. Happy football season!.

Lots of Love C & C