Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ups and Down

I deleted this blog about a month ago because of pure frustration and disappointment. I should have thought about that more before I cancelled everything I had, but the emotions were running high. As most know my husband and I have decide to adopt a child. We had looked at infant adoptions and realized that $45,000 was not in our budget and as adults we couldn't in the right mind bring a child in to a home with absolutely 0 money after adopting them. With that decision made there were many ups and down. We attended a meeting with Iowa Kids Net, which is the state foster organization for our state, there we learned the many options we had to complete our family.

In our informational meeting we learned that if every church in Iowa would foster just 1 child there would be no children in the foster system in Iowa, Wow! There is a great need for people to foster children, while this is not the route that My husband and I would like to take we know the importance for people to take children in and help them till their birth parents are able to care for them in a safe environment. My husband and I have decided to become a Respite care family. This means we will provide short term care for foster children so their foster parents can go away for a weekend or go out on a date. We have also decide to pursue the process of adoption through our state, becoming licensed will allow us to adopt within our state as well as in other state in the US. There are over 19,000 children awaiting a family in the United States and we are looking forward to help at least 1 of those children....maybe 2. I'm sure there will be many more ups and downs through this process, but I'll make sure not to delete the blog next time. :-) If you wish to look at the links below and explore the thousands of children up for adoption here they are....

Adopt US kids link

Link to Iowa Kids Net

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