Sunday, June 16, 2013

Top of the world

This week turned out to be the beginning of a whole new life for us. This week we got the call to take the big leap in to our adoption process. This process will be a 10 week class along with our home study. The 10 week class will help us learn what types of situations we could encounter with some of the children. Everything from abuse, abandonment, or trauma that could be so unimaginable that you just don't want to know. This is the bulk of the process for us along with the home study. During the home study they will come to our home and tell us certain things we will need to do to get our house ready for a child. Such things as carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguisher and any other safety things. Then they will ask us a series of questions about our families, our marriage, our likes and dislikes. How we might discipline a child etc. All of this will better help them determine what age we might do best with, how well we work together as a team, and what we are willing to do to make sure this child lives in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Once this huge hurdle is complete they will take their time reviewing our home study and the comments made by our case worker and then make the decision whether to license us or not. While this route, through the state, is a more in-depth home study then if we were to find our own home study person, but in the end they want you to be licensed. We were told that by December we should be all done and hopefully by the new year LICENSED!!!!! This will be perfect timing for our Europe trip and then hope to bring home a kiddo as soon as we can when we get back from Europe. 

This Fathers Day has shown to be a very exciting one in the fact that hopefully the next Father's Day my husband will be able to celebrate with a kiddo around. We look forward to our class coming up in August and hope that this major aspect goes very smoothly. 

My husband and I are very lucky to have wonderful fathers that have show us so much and have given us great examples on how to raise our children. 

To end I have another great quote about adoption. "Being adopted doesn't mean no one loves you, it means that you are always loved by the one who gave you life, and you are loved by the one who is watching you go through life"

Happy Fathers Day to all those dads out there and the fathers to be (including my hubby).
Lots of love C&C

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